venerdì 5 aprile 2013

New feature added to XrayCat ST 1.0 in the Pose Manager

Pose Transform Type-In Panel:
This panel enhances the same pose offset and mirror functionalities already used in CAT pose loading.
After loading a pose this panel becomes active: a position and rotation offset in X, Y and Z axes can be applied to the pose, using the corresponding spinners.

The “Reset Transform” button resets all the spinners, restoring the original loaded pose.

The “Mirror” checkbutton, when active, mirrors the pose maintaining the same offset.

Finally, the user can choose to confirm the loaded pose, using the “Ok” button, or undo the loading, using the “Cancel” button.
This is a free update, registered user please connects to our ftp to download it and install over the old version with the same activation key you received.