martedì 22 luglio 2014

lunedì 21 luglio 2014

Akeytsu teaser

Nukeygara has posted a teaser video showing their new rigging and animation software at work. Akeytsu has been developed by animators for animators, offering an artist-friendly workflow. 

venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Side Effects unveils Houdini Engine for 3ds Max, Unreal

Side Effects Software has officially released its Houdini Engine plugin for Maya, and announced that a user-made 3ds Max equivalent is in the works, alongside with the company’s own new Unreal plugin.


lunedì 14 luglio 2014

venerdì 11 luglio 2014

PBR Practical Workflow

In this demonstration, Richard Piper gives a quick overview of physically based rendering using Marmoset's Basic Theory of Physically-Based Rendering as a reference and in doing so explains some of the most important concepts that you need to understand in order to get started in PBR. He then shows how to practically apply these concepts within Substance Painter to get the results you need on your assets.

from: Eat 3D:

PBR Practical Workflow from Eat 3D on Vimeo.

Growing a Brain Pattern [Particle Flow + Frost Tutorial]

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a procedural brain pattern with Particle Flow and Frost. This way you'll be able to model a brain in a few minutes or even put the brain pattern on any kind of surface, like your logo or some text.
On the second part we'll create some veins the make it more realistic.

You can download the Brain Base Mesh and the Final Scene here:

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Tutorial developed by Alvaro Moreira and Particle Skull.

Growing a Brain Pattern [Particle Flow + Frost Tutorial] from Particle Skull on Vimeo.

martedì 1 luglio 2014

3D Interview with the Masters | Feat. Alessandro Baldasseroni

Working at Blur Studios, Alessandro specializes not only in character modeling but also texturing and lighting. He is an extremely experienced and highly talented artist who has worked on such titles as Mass Effect 2, Fable 2 and 3, Arkham Origins, Elder Scrolls Online, and many more. CGMA is also honored to have Alessandro as an adviser on our Advisory Board.

Splitting treasure tutorial

A tutorial by Adam Reid and Particle Skull that uses Particle Flow to recreate the splitting treasure effect made by Tippett studio for Harry Potter’s film.