venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Rattle 1.0 - Work in progress Update 02

I have completed the other three modules for noise deforming: Noise Deformer, Noise Bend Deformer and Noise Twist Deformer.

domenica 11 maggio 2014

Rattle 1.0 - Work in progress Update 01

Rattle 1.0 is an suite of tools in 3ds Max script that will help you to manage the noise in your scenes Actually Rattle can work with animation controllers, bones, meshes, camera, CAT bones, shapes, helpers.
With the power of noise you can give to your scene and animations many variations in very fast and easy way.

Rattle 1.0 includes these tools:
Noise Animation Controllers: Noise Position Controller, Noise Rotation Controller, Noise Scale Controller
Noise Deformation Controllers: Noise Deformer, Noise Bend Deformer, Noise Twist Deformer