venerdì 31 luglio 2015

Total War: WARHAMMER - Battle of Black Fire Pass Walkthrough [PEGI]


TUTORIAL - FUSION101 - BASICS from Alf Lovvold on Vimeo.

Hi guys, Ive gotten quite an amount of requests to do a basic introduction TUT to my primary composite package - Blackmagic Fusion 7.7 - I didnt exactly plan the content in this vid in detail, so sorry for being a little un-structured.
Viva le Fusion! Get it for free at

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Music by Bendik Baksaas ( )

lunedì 6 luglio 2015

EasySkin 1.0 - Sneak Peek

Hello guys this is a first look at my new script to improve the use of the 3ds max skin modifier... 
I reorganized the interface highlighting the tools and the most useful options of the skin modifier (in my opinion). Plus I entered the bubble system which creates spheroidal envelopes giving a smoother nuance between each other thus creating a better harmony between vertex. With a few commands you can now set envelopes quicker.

List of some ready features:

- New Bubble envelopes system

- Integrated Vertex weight tools

- Simplified Paint weight tools

- Easy and fast Mirror tools

More easy more fast... Stay tuned!!!

venerdì 3 luglio 2015

EasySkin 1.0 work in progress!!! ;)

Hi guys
this is the first screenshot of my latest autodesk 3ds Max script wip named EasySkin 1.0
In this script I have reorganized the skin modifier interface and add some enhancements... stay tuned