sabato 1 novembre 2014

3DS Max- Freestyle Rigging Toolkit

Version: 1.0
Author Name: Jack Bowyer

Download link:

It allows you to create almost any rig in a modular fashion by simply drawing points and creating rig modules in between them.
It also has features for space switching, animation geometry and some hard coded deformation systems for the hip and shoulder.
Unfortunately, I've had to divert all of my attention towards learning Maya to increase my chances of finding a job. This means that the script is partially incomplete- there are a few bugs etc. It's also severely lacking in tutorials and user help. So far, there hasn't been much testing on the created rigs- I would be careful about using this in an important project for now.
I've left the code unencrypted so people can use this as a reference for their own scripts, or fix any bugs themselves. I was relatively new to scripting when I began this, so the code isn't exactly efficient or easy to understand however. You're welcome to modify it, but please don't steal it and pass it off as your own.
Tested on max 2013 and 2014. Max 2015 has some issues with slider interaction being really slow but it still works.
Maybe in the future I'll come back to this and make some proper documentation, but for the time being just try your best to follow the video (some features have been added since the video, to make things even more confusing...)

If you really need help then feel free to drop me an email.

Have fun!